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Updated: Jul 9, 2019

If you are looking to install your own kitchen, we have the technology to provide you with cabinetry in flat pack form. Including all the accessories you will need to assemble and install.

What is a flat pack kitchen?

Flat pack kitchens are supplied in a box, ready for you to put together and install yourself or by a tradesperson. The modular style of the cabinetry makes it easy to select the components needed to create the ideal kitchen for your space. Start by choosing cabinets, then move on to accessories, doors, panels and benchtops.

Easy to build

Flat pack kitchens are modular, which means they can be configured into almost any space. Best of all, they are easy to assemble and install. And if you handle assembly and installation yourself, you could save money!

Find your kitchen solution today. Contact Ozwide Joinery!

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